Now EVEN MORE Online!

Dear Twenty-Four Followers (or, more accurately, twelve readers),

I have started a Facebook page for Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby! Now you can be alerted to all my non-sensical ramblings right in your newsfeed! Hooray! So just go right on ahead and click that little ‘like’ button in the left-hand column. Just move the mouse a little to the left … no, no, the other left … now down a little … see it? Good. Click that sucker!

And if you’re still not convinced, I’ll let one of my most favorite people plead on my behalf:

So come visit me on Facebook! Please?

4 responses to “Now EVEN MORE Online!

  1. it’s hard growing a readership, isn’t it? On the other hand, having just found your blog, I’m really enjoying you, and I’m happy to share you with my friends. Best of luck to you.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it! And you are SO MUCH MORE THAN WELCOME to share me with all of your friends. And family. And enemies. And frenemies. You know, basically anybody who can read 😉

  2. It’s hard trying to grow a readership, isn’t it? I’m really enjoying your blog, and I’ll be sure to share it with my friends. Do you have a twitter account? You really should.That’s where a lot of my followers have come from. If you get one, but sure to follow me, and I’ll follow back. @CynthiaMeents. Best of luck to you.

    • I’m not on Twitter yet — it kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. But so did Facebook for a long time, and I got over it. Right now I’m thinking that I’ll focus on FB for a little while, and then I’ll probably look into Twitter. Thanks for the advice, though! It’s been in the back of my mind that I’ll have to take the Twitter plunge soon …

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