Drum Roll, Please!

The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything. ~ Mia Hamm


I want to improve Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby.

It’s important to me that this blog be something that my followers look forward to reading, and that they think of fondly when they are not reading it.

So, in order to make this blog all that it can be, I have conceived my Blog Improvement Project. Over the last months, I have looked critically at other, more successful, blogs; I have analyzed what makes them so great; and I am now ready to copy emulate mirror incorporate the things that I perceive to be the keys to their success. I am ready to, incrementally, turn this into a cookie cutter successful blog.

Please join me, as I take Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby from blah to … well, whatever it will be when we’re done. Hooray!


Blog Improvement Project, Part 3: Results Episode

Many thanks to all of you who played along so entertainingly with my little poetry-based giveaway! It was so much fun that I’m considering requiring you talented reader-types to write ALL of your comments in verse. Okay, maybe not. But I’ll always be happy if you should choose to grace my page with more of your wonderful wordsmithery.

Entries are no longer being accepted. A winner has been chosen!

I used a completely random and scientific method to choose the winner.

First, I put all the entrants’ names onto little yellow slips of paper, which I then folded up tiny and tossed into a very ugly hat of my Loving Husband’s.

The cat oversaw all the proceedings, in order to ensure fairness.

Then I tossed the paper wads like I was tossing a yummy salad. Not too hard, I didn’t want any of them to fly out of the hat; just hard enough to thoroughly coat them in the dressing randomize them.

Then I shut my eyes tight-tight-tight-no-peeking, and picked a winner.

It’s Maggie O’C! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Congratulations, Maggie O’C! You’ve won a copy of “To What Miserable Wretches Have I Been Born?” by Suzanne Weber, and a rather fair-minded little aluminum foil kitty, made by me myself. To claim your prizes, write me a comment with your preferred means of contact (preferably an email address) — since all my comments are moderated, and since I’ll delete it once I’ve contacted you, your information will remain just between us. We’ll hash out the mailing stuff over email.

Now that the fun stuff has been addressed, I have a small order of business to discuss with my lovely followers. I have a funeral to go to this weekend, out of state. I’ll be sad, and I’ll also be largely without access to the internet — which won’t help with the sadness, let me tell you. So I’ll be largely out of touch through Tuesday or so. Then I’m going to the wedding of a dear old friend (she’s not actually old, but we’ve been friends since 8th grade, so she’s old to me), which won’t be at all sad, but which is also out of state, for the last half of next week and that weekend. I may have internet access then, but I’ll be busybusybusy with all the carousing. Which will leave me out of touch from Wednesday afternoon until about the following Monday.

What this means for my bloggy friends is that I won’t likely have much time for reading or commenting on your blogs — fear not, you are not unloved, and I’ll bring back my snarky and often-inappropriate commentary as soon as I’m back. I’ll try to keep up with responding to comments on my own posts, but it may be a bit intermittent.

If you’ve liked my fan page on Facebook (CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK HERE), I will try to keep up with posting there, so you shouldn’t get the shakes or anything from all the withdrawal.

What it means for the general readership is … well, not much. I’ve set up some re-posts from before anybody was reading my blog, so there will be content coming out all of next week, and it will most likely be new to you. There will be more poetry; a bit of speculation about a medical disorder that I have, in my infinite skill, identified; and poo. Oh yes, there will be poo.

So you see, I’m not leaving you entirely bereft.

26 responses to “Drum Roll, Please!

  1. ohmahgaw!!!
    I won!! I won!!! I never win anything and I won!!!

  2. Who doesn’t love a little poo in their blogs?

  3. KV, although I’m sad (sniff, sniff) I didn’t win, at least Mags did. Be well, safe travels and I look forward to your inspiring, intelligent and snarky prose upon your return. :). I’m off to make me a foil kitty to soothe my hurt feelings. (just kidding). xxoo

  4. Thanks for a fun contest! I’m going to make my own foil kitty too. I’ll miss you during your absence, but I’m glad to know there’s poo to look forward to.

  5. Where’s Gloria Gaynor singing “I Will Survive” when I need her? If only I had her vocal encouragement to keep me going during this sad, sad time of separation. You will be missed, oh funny one.

  6. I am excited for poo.

  7. We are big Mia Hamm fans – thinking the tin foil cat is the Purrrrfect pet, genius !

  8. Have a safe trip Kathy! Look forward to hearing about it…

    • Thanks. I might blog about it, if there’s anything that’s not all sad depressingness. Hard to be snarky about your grandmother’s funeral, you know?

  9. That is a very large pile of poo. Much like the way one feels after losing a loved one. My thoughts are with you, Kathy. Do take care.

  10. I really wanted the foil kitty. now i will have to make my own! but how will I make one?

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