Won’t You Be My Minion?

And hail their queen, fair regent of the night. ~ Erasmus Darwin


I want to improve Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby.

It’s important to me that this blog be something that my followers look forward to reading, and that they think of fondly when they are not reading it.

So, in order to make this blog all that it can be, I have conceived my Blog Improvement Project. Over the last months, I have looked critically at other, more successful, blogs; I have analyzed what makes them so great; and I am now ready to copy emulate mirror incorporate the things that I perceive to be the keys to their success. I am ready to, incrementally, turn this into a cookie cutter successful blog.

Please join me, as I take Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby from blah to … well, whatever it will be when we’re done. Hooray!


Blog Improvement Project, Part 4: Surprise!

You may all have gathered at this point that my four-post-long account of our adventures after the DC Metro area storm cut our power was a bit … embellished. The truth is, it was just three days without power, sleeping at a friend’s house (B, C, and S are all actual people), and then another week or so of internet connectivity problems. Tumultuous and interesting to live through, but to write about? Not so much.

So I added zombies. After all, if this blog is about me and my life, I want to make it as interesting as possible.

Now, I’m dealing with other stuff that is interesting to me but not so interesting to write about. The main thing being that the play I’m in opens tonight. This is both unbelievably exciting and also terrifying.

Look! We have a poster and everything!

See, I majored in theatre in college. I did a semester abroad at a fairly exclusive acting conservatory program in London, and I spent a summer as an acting apprentice at a regional Shakespeare theatre. When I graduated college, my acting chops were FIERCE.

But then I got married, moved all over the world (well, to San Diego and then to Sicily, which covers enough of it to be going on with), had lots of adventures, and had a baby. All of that took nine years, during which time I didn’t do any acting other than the usual manipulation of my Loving Husband (hi, Honey!)

Once I moved to Baltimore and had Sausage on the outside of myself, I started acting again. I’ve done one small-scale production with my brother’s theatre company and two staged readings. But this is my first full production with an established company which has an administrative/artistic board consisting entirely of people to whom I’m not related.

This is why I’m terrified. Yes, I’ve made it through the whole rehearsal process without anyone suggesting that my part should be recast (at least in my hearing), and I feel like I’m managing to keep up pretty well with the incredibly talented, experienced professionals with whom I’ve been working. But those acting chops that I used to take such pride in still feel awfully rusty.

So I guess this post is mostly just me whining about being insecure and afraid of failing to live up to my own abilities. Or it would be, if I hadn’t bought myself a rather lovely and exciting Opening Night present.

Look at your URL bar. You should have been automatically redirected from dontforgettofeedthebaby.wordpress.com to dontforgettofeedthebaby.com. That’s right — Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby now has its own domain. Huzzah! I am the ruler of my own domain! You may now call me ‘Highness’. ‘Majesty’ and ‘O Glorious One’ will also be accepted.

I’ll be the blogger wearing a tiara with her pajamas.

I hereby also proclaim my right to chop off heads.

I have a feeling that if you tune in at random times over the next few days, things might look different. Don’t worry. I’ll probably play around with custom settings and things like that for a while, but the blog’s appearance is bound to settle down eventually. Well, until I get bored. It’s a queen’s prerogative to change things as she sees fit, you know.

Somehow, this little present is making me feel better about tonight’s show. I won’t f*ck the whole thing up. It will be awesome, and I will make myself proud.

And if not, I can come back here and vent my frustration by chopping off all of your heads. Mwahahahaha!

23 responses to “Won’t You Be My Minion?

  1. KV! Congrats, O Glorious One!! You deserve your own domain and I know you’ll be an excellent QUEEN of it. Your concocting that tale from three days of boredom and no electricity just goes to show what a creative lass you really are. Break a leg, tonight (that’s the acceptable good luck charm for show-biz, right?) and I know you’ll be awesome. Take plenty of pics of people throwing roses at you once you take your final bow. :).

  2. Let’s watch cat videos. Can there be 2 queens of Hampden? I also have these rights, unless we pretend to have 2 separate kingdoms which could be a fun pretend thing that we do. We should get gem crowns and go for margaritas and speak with British accents.

    In all seriousness, I am sure you are going to be awesome in that play. Go get ’em!!!!!

  3. GOOD LUCK!! I’m sure you’ll be awesome.

  4. Queen Kathy of Blogging and Theatrics! I am humbled to be one of the first to visit your lovely new domain. It is simply simply mavelous – love what you are doing with the place. Perhaps a little more chartreuse is called for – cause really who can have enough chartreuse I ask you?

    • I have this sneaking feeling that the theme may change a few dozen times in the next few days. Who knows? There might just be some chartreuse. For you, Merlinspielen.

      • I actually have no idea what chartreuse really is…I was just trying to appear somewhat worldly and courtly and engage in matters of high state and design. Now I am in way over my head. Heck even fuchsia and magenta baffle me. They appear to be the same colour yet go by separate names! Now as for black – black I understand…

      • So, I’ll just change the color to something that my husband can’t identify, and I’ll message you and say, “Look, Merlinspielen! I changed to chartreuse just for you!” And you will feel good, and I won’t be saddled with a chartreuse blog, and everyone will win, yes?

      • Exactly! So a really vibrant green might be nice 😛

      • Haha, I see what you did there.

      • Say what? Moi? 😀

  5. Break a leg! And I have a list of people whose heads need chopping off. Would you mind?

  6. Ha! Break a leg! I’m also a trained actor-cum-mommy with rusty chops. Pleased to meet you! Let us know how it goes. I have sympathetic butterflies but I think you’ll be fabulous.

  7. Kathy,
    You have your own domain! Google will love you even more for it… This is something I want to do myself, if only to be able to install premium templates (I have a few in mind), Google Analytics, and a few more goodies. Congrats on your domain! And long live the Queen!
    Le Clown

    • Le Clown,

      I don’t really know what I want to do with it, other than to have more control over blog appearance. I’m pretty excited about finding out all the things that are possible with my own domain. You may keep your head. For now.


  8. Congratulations, Your Majesty! I recently declared myself Empress of my blog, so I totally understand your aspirations of domination. 🙂 Break a leg this week (in a good way).

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