Foto Friday? Photo Phriday? Picture Post!

A picture is worth a thousand words. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Please excuse the layer of grease covering my entire body. It was 6:30 in the morning.

22 responses to “Foto Friday? Photo Phriday? Picture Post!

  1. You did it! This is classic! I love it.

  2. NICE. Rock it, sister. You look so cool with the shades on. So casual. What’s the tattoo you have there? I can’t tell.

  3. Rock it sister! Beautiful portrait but where’s the eyepatch?
    (just made this same comment but it disappeared….)

  4. I see no nipple!! Baby’s mouth has a proper latch!! LOL I have a few of these, but none quite so brazen!! Good job!

  5. hhahaha…what is he holding in his hand? toothpaste?

    • It’s a tiny tube of sunscreen. He sees things on my nightstand and insists on having them to hold and investigate while he nurses. I’ve had to hide things like nail clippers and my emergency vodka flask.

  6. Insists on having things to hold and investigate while he nurses–I’m pretty sure that’s how all of the NCIS guys start. What a sweet little hand and head.

    • He’s a fidgeter, that’s for sure. We’ll see if he can turn it into a career. And yes, I’m pretty sure that he has the sweetest little hands and head that there are.

  7. This blog just gets better and better content every day. And here I thought you wore a sister’s habit as your avatar picture. This is much better .
    I also like the documentary evidence that you do not forget to feed the baby. A woman who lives by your blog name. 🙂

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