Oh, man, you guys! I am ripping up these caption contests! Think anyone will pay me to do that? Well, maybe not a salary, but I did just win a gift card from Momma Be Thy Name, which if you aren’t already reading you REALLY should be. She writes about the same kinds of things that I do, only so, so much better. Fun!

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  1. You are hilarious, woman. I read the post and liked it. You’re just surpassing everyone on these caption things. You could write taglines for an ad agency — geared toward the funny. Great and congrats, Kathy!

  2. I adore you. I think I startled Le Clown with my sudden outburst of guffawing. Well done. You earned every penny of that gift card. If I had my way, I’d make it $30.

  3. you rock lady…

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