Freshly Pressed And So Confused

“Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.” ~ Bruce Lee

On this second day of mindful Thankitude, I’m thankful for having been Freshly Pressed back in March.

Now, that’s not all I feel about it. At the time it was wonderful and overwhelming, with such an enormous outpouring of sympathy and love from total strangers all over the world. For days, I was kept busy trying to respond to each and every comment — some that contained prayers for my well-being, some that asked for advice, and some that just expressed solidarity — until I eventually had to stop, since I was making myself crazy with it.


It was a wonderful experience, but it was also hugely confusing. After all, I was Freshly Pressed for a post which is most definitely not my standard fare. I think of myself as a humor writer, dealing with parenting issues primarily, but also just with anything that makes me laugh. To have such a huge response to something so dark made me question everything from my writing voice to my blog name.

I became a little intimidated by my own success. I never expected this blog to be read by much of anyone beyond my family and real-life friends, and to gain 400 followers almost overnight? I felt like I’d been swimming in the shallows and suddenly found myself in over my head.

So I backed off for a while. I didn’t stop writing entirely — I’ve been writing on and off at Families In The Loop (who don’t seem to have realized yet that I don’t live in Chicago. Shh! Don’t tell them!) But writing took a backseat to other creative pursuits, like acting and raising an increasingly demanding toddler.

But in the back of my mind, I was always thinking about my little blog, and how to come back to it. I gave a lot of thought to that. I considered changing the tone, the tagline, pretty much everything. But I knew one thing: Just because I had some success with a mental health post, that most definitely did NOT mean that I wanted to write a Mental Health Blog.

I kept coming back to one thing. This blog isn’t about mental health, but it’s also not just about my son (you guys remember little Sausage? He’s bigger now), or my family, or the crazy things that I think up and feel the need to dump out all over the worldwide web.

It’s about me.

Kathy V._edited-2

Don’t Forget To Feed The Baby is about me, myself. It’s about the things that happen to me, the things that I experience, and the way that I see the world. Some of that is mental health related, since that’s part of who I am. But most of it isn’t.

So being Freshly Pressed really forced me to figure out the direction in which I want to take this blog. Which means, I refuse to choose one direction. Instead, I will write about the things that I want to write about, and screw the blogging rules about consistency. It’s my blog, and I’ll write what I want.

(Photo via by asolario.)

(Photo via by asolario.)

Those of you who found me because of my post on depression, my little rallying cry, you’re more than welcome to hang around. I will probably write about that subject again, possibly quite a bit. But honestly, you’re more likely to see posts like Mama Hari Strikes Again. Or Douche: Not Just For The Ladies Anymore. Or Rage Fairies. Because these are the things that I like to write about.

So I’m thankful for being Freshly Pressed, since it really made me examine where I want to be as a writer. Perhaps at some point I’ll decide to take this blog in a more concrete direction, but for now? I’m happy with being a bit more stream-of-consciousness.

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4 responses to “Freshly Pressed And So Confused

  1. Just keep being authentic. You cannot go wrong with that.

  2. Even when you write just to be silly – I find you write with honesty. That is why I followed your blog and why I enjoy whatever you post.
    And i know what you mean about the Freshly Pressed stress…
    The sudden wave leaves one both flattered and battered 🙂

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