Samosas and Korma and Naan … And Exhaustion

There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today, I’m thankful for delivery.

Specifically, I’m grateful for the Indian restaurant which brings delicious food right to my door when I (or, more realistically, my Loving Husband) don’t feel like cooking.

Photo via by vbwhizkid.

(Photo via by vbwhizkid.)

We don’t feel like cooking tonight (did I mention that I’m writing this the night before you’re reading it? Because I am) because of something I am most distinctly NOT thankful for, and that thing is …

Daylight Savings Time. Dun dun DUN!

This MARVELOUS monstrosity of a non-holiday seems to have been designed purely to fuck with parents of small children.

Our child-free friends are all, “Yay! An extra hour of sleep will be SOOOOOOO good, after a busy Saturday spent drinking with friends and engaging in activities like fun hobbies and sex!”

Our friends with older kids say things like, “Yay! That extra hour of sleep will refresh me for all the activities that we have scheduled tomorrow!”

But those of us with little-little ones? For the foreseeable future we will be saying things like this:

“Go back to bed. It is 4:30 in the morning.”

“It’s your turn to get up with him.”

“Is 6:30pm too early for me to go to bed?”

And that truly universal lament: “Who the hell came up with this time-change bullshit?!”

So today, the day after the time change, I didn’t feel like doing a damn thing other than sleeping. BUT, being the dutiful mom that I am (and having a Loving Husband who lights the occasional fire under my ass) I went with my family to the zoo. Then I came home, showered, made myself pretty (as much as I could, given these circles under my eyes) and went to an audition. After that … well, it’s been three hours or so of wishing I could go to bed.

Between the glassy stare and the crazy, I-didn't-bother-today hair, I could easily have been mistaken for a lemur today. (Photo via, by runrunrun.)

Between the glassy stare and the crazy, I-didn’t-bother-today hair, I could easily have been mistaken for a lemur at the zoo. (Photo via, by runrunrun.)

But you know what I didn’t do today?



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